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As we’ve been announcing for a few weeks now, 7days of power which is 7days of fasting and prayer starts Friday 25th through till Thursday the 31st of March.

Fasting is an ancient tradition that believers through the ages practised, especially during times of concentrated prayers. Moses, Elijah, Joseph, Esther and even our Lord and Saviour practised it. I urge you to join in as we fast and pray over the next few days, but if you have any medical reasons not to fast then feel free to abstain from fasting but you are encouraged to join in the prayers daily.

I am aware that fasting for 10 to 12hrs a day can be daunting for most people, especially if you have never done it before or just don’t do it regularly. If you fall in this category, I suggest taking it easy for the 1st couple of days, for example, fast until lunch time on the 1st day and then maybe till 3pm the next day and then see how it goes from there. Whatever the case, fasting is a good Christian habit to develop and you will begin to see the benefit as you get into it.

It is important to point out very emphatically at this juncture that fasting without praying is nothing more hunger strike, so I urge you to please set aside time to pray each day. I recommend that you aim to pray at least 1hr per day, I am aware that many can do more than that but at the minimum aim for an hour prayer time daily. It’s very doable, just break it into 4 slots. Say 15 minutes in the morning, 15 at Noon, 15minutes after work and 15 minutes before dinner or before you go to bed, you would have prayed 1hr per day (this is just suggestive, you can develop your own prayer pattern, its fine)

The Place of prayer is the place of Power and a believer is most powerful when we are in the place of prayer, remember what the bible says when it states that “The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results” if you want great result in any area of your life, then get busy praying! There is no alternative to prayer and that is why the devil is scared of a praying Christian. Talk all you like and you do limited damage to the gates of hell, but get on your knees and pray and hell is thrown into turmoil because we serve a God of wonders. The thing though is, God awaits our prayers to do wonders on the earth, John Wesley once said God does nothing except in response to believing prayer.” And that is why the bible says “Whatever you bind on the earth shall be bound in heaven”

prayersWhen believers pray lives are turned around, souls are saved, revivals break out, people return to God, the lukewarm are revived, no wonder the devil will keep people so busy that they don’t have time to pray. A praying church is a victorious church, a praying church is a cutting edge church, a praying church is an effective church and a praying church is the devils’ worst nightmare. In our prayers we chase the demons out of town, incapacitate demonically influenced activities in the world around us, we set the captives free because there is wonder working power in the mighty name of Jesus! We love to pray because the bible assures us that we serve a God who is willing and able to do exceedingly abundantly above all we can ask or imagine.

Prayer meeting online on the following days – Tuesday 5am, Wednesday and Thursday 7:30pm Please mark these and set reminders for yourself.

I have grouped the prayer bulletin into 7 broad sections needless to say these are not in any way regimented, they are to inform, inspire and equip you to pray, I’ll say use them as your springboard.

You may focus on one section a day or go to the one you feel drawn to in any given day.

You’ll remember me saying that we will spend a lot of time praying about the church re-launch in London. Please take time to pray about that daily alongside anything and everything else

  1. Praying for Lighthouse as church and especially about the re-launch of the London Church

In obedience to God we are proceeding with the Lighthouse church plant in London. It has been tough and yes the enemy resisted us but we are not disappearing, we are pursuing to recover all and to proceed into the destiny the Lord has for us (Phil 1:6, Isaiah 43:19, Isaiah 45:2, Zechariah 4:7)

  • Please pray about the 1st service on the 3rd of April. Pray that everything will go well to the glory of the Lord
  • Pray about the vision. Declare that God’s will be done in Bexleyheath, that God’s original intent shall be fulfilled.
  • Please pray against all forms of attack that the enemy may want to stir up, pray that God will grant us victory in Jesus name. Pray for the planting team, that God will strengthen us and protect us, pray clarity, for encouragement, pray for grace and anointing for us all
  • Pray that through this church souls shall be added into the Kingdom and people delivered from the power of the enemy
  • Please pray for my wife and I, pray for our family as well, please pray that God will protect us from every wiles of the enemy.
  • Pray that God will build Lighthouse London into a model church it’s intended to be, a vibrant powerful and influential church. A church that is sending out missionary, leaders and revivalists locally and globally.
  • Call in our sons and daughters, that Lighthouse London will truly be a multiracial church where people of all races colour and tribes will comfortably worship together
  • Call in the resources, financial, mental or human, that there will be no lack.


  1. Praying for our Nation and the church in our nation (1 Tim 2:2, Proverbs 21:1 and Jam 5:16
  • Let us pray for our nation. Praying for David Cameron and all those in positions of power and Influence in this nation.
  • Pray that God will grant them wisdom and fortitude to stand up for what is true even in the face of satanic opposition
  • Pray a prayer of protection over our nation let us in the place of prayer foil all activities or intention to cause bloodshed or chaos in our nation.
  • Let us pray for Unity in the body of Christ in this nation. Pray for revival
  • Pray for pastors and church leaders across this nation, for grace, boldness and discernment.
  • Pray that God will raise generations of men and women who will arise in the power of God, stirring the hearts of people back to God in this nation.
  • Pray for Revival in our churches. That we will experience more of God, pray for an outbreak of God’s power


  1. Praying for Abundance ( 3 John 1:2, Psalm 128:2, 2 Cor 9:18, Amos 9:13 and Deut 6:11)
  • God promises us abundance. Pray against the spirit of poverty
  • Break the yoke of poverty over yourself and your household, declare abundance over yourself and your household
  • Receive innovative ingenious ideas to create wealth
  • Pray for breakthrough on your business or career as the case may be
  • Pray that God will bless you to have more than you need
  • Pray for financial abundance over the church that all the funds we need to do all that we have been called to do will be provided for
  • Pray that God will bless and prosper his people. Pray that God will stir up his people to be faithful and generous givers


  1. Prayer of Breakthrough against all demonic or satanic barriers – Jesus came to set the captives free and he who the Lord sets free is free indeed
  • Begin to declare an end to all satanic and demonic activates in your life and in the life of your loved ones – John 8:36
  • Stand in the power of Jesus and begin to declare that the circle of evil is broken over you and your loved ones. Isaiah 10:27 and 2 Cor 5:17
  • Plead the blood of Jesus over yourself as you announce to the devil that you are rising up and going higher, higher than you have even been. Isaiah 45:2
  • Declare that you go past all previous points of hindrances, that God causes you to advance supernaturally – Isaiah 45:1 – 2
  • Put an end to every voice of the enemy over your life, expressed through innuendoes or dreams, no more demonic oppressions in your sleeps or dreams 2 Cor 10:4-6
  • Walk around your house and begin to prophesy that your house is God’s abode therefore render impotent every activities of the devil – Psalm 91:10
  • Terminate every hold of the enemy over your health, finances, marriage, children or whatever it may be – John 8:36, 1 John 4:4


  1. Praying for Increased glory and Open heaven (John 7:38, Rev 4:1, Isaiah 43:19, Eph 3:20-21, Jer 51:20- 26, John 20:21 and Mark 16:17-19

 The Church of Jesus Christ is the Embassy of God on the earth. We ought to be demonstrating the power and influence of the kings of kings and we would not rest until we see the full manifestation of God’s kingdom in our midst and in our nation.

  • Pray for an outpouring of God’s spirit over the church. That we would experience Pentecost all over again
  • Pray that healing, signs and wonders be a common occurrence amidst us, that people will come from all over the world to receive their healing here
  • Pray that God will awaken every member and stir each one to personal revival, that no one will be lukewarm or lethargic but that each will be a fire brand
  • Pray for each member to walk in the spirit of Holiness and of the fear of God, that no one will be comfortable in sin. Pray for strength for anyone struggling with any moral or sinful issues.
  • Pray for the zeal of the Lord to consume each member, the bible says in the days of His power his people shall be willing. Pray for willingness of Yahweh to come upon each member that each person will yield themselves with total abandonment
  • Pray for our young ones, teenagers and infants alike, consecrate them to God, pray that God will reveal himself to these ones, pray that they ill have a vibrant relationship with God. Pray that they will not be contaminated with the spirit of evil or the spirit fo the age
  1. Praying for family and loved ones
  • Pray a prayer of protection over yourself and all your loved ones
  • Pray that no evil will come near you and no plague shall come near your dwelling in Jesus name
  • Are there some pertinent family issues, you will like to raise to the Lord in Prayer? Go ahead and pray about them
  • Pray that the peace of God will rule and reign in your home and in your family
  1. Prayer of restoration – God is doing a new thing. Power is changing hands and all that has been lost is being restored. It is a season of supernatural recovery and promotion.
  • Pray that the Lord will restore to you all you have ever lost, everything the enemy has ever robbed you of is being restored in Jesus name
  • Pray that all generational blessings in your linage be restored to you
  • Break every link to generational problem or curses. Declare that your generation is blessed -Psalm 112:2
  • Begin to prophecy over yourself and your loved ones that the favour of the Lord surrounds you and that doors open to you in high places – Psalm 125:2, Psalm 5:12
  • Begin to declare that whatever the enemy might have intended for evil over you and your loved ones turn around for your good – Romans 8:28
  • Pray and declare an end to any loss. Begin to possess your possession and decree that God’s goodness follow you all the days of your life – 1 John 3:8


God bless you all. Have a great and enjoy your Easter weekend

Pastor Julius


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