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Main Speaker

PastorDerin2-283x300  Pastor Derin Toye had an encounter with the redeeming love of Jesus in June 1986 and thatsparked a fire within her to make Him known. She is passionate for the presence of God andfor its release through the    transforming power of the Word and of the Spirit. Her joy is to seepeople experience personal encounters with God that awaken a fresh thirst and hunger forintimacy with Him and she is able to communicate the love of God to young and old alike. Itis  not  uncommon  for  the  youths  in  her  church,  Revival  Fires  Ministries  to  operate  inprophecies, healings and other demonstrations of God’s power




Host Pastors

Pastors Julius and Mary Eniolu have been sharing the life changing truth of God's word forover  two  decades,  with  great  signs  and  wonders  following  their  ministry.  Their  simple,practical, down to earth ways of sharing the eternal truth of God's word endears them to anyaudience.  Julius and Mary are very family orientated and have  a  real  passion to  see theyounger generation experience God in a real personal and intimate way and to serve God astheir God, not just the God of their parents.


Guest ArtistWidely considered one of the most talented and innovative Hip Hop artists, in the UK andinternationally, Jahaziel has been causing a stir on the music scene for almost a decade. Hismusic deals with real life issues of the human experience and he delivers explosive and hard-hitting  rhymes  that  enable  his  message  to  impact  any audience.  Jahaziel  is  a  man  on  amission. He has a heart for all people, and specifically possesses a passion for the youth. Withhis own past experiences of seeing no option except to make a life through crime, Jahazielunderstands the minds of young people caught up in street culture and ghetto lifestyle. He isable  to  relate  to  the  feelings  of  hopelessness  they  face,  He  travels  the  world  constantlysharing his faith through hip hop and reggae  music with lyrics speaking deep truths andbringing positive change to his listeners.